Message from Gillian Anderson

posted on 09 Feb 2009 18:31 by puineeze

Last month, Gillian Anderson posted her message on her website. She talked about her son, her x mas break in Brazil and her new charity in Africa.

She posted that she wants a web designer for her new charity about helping street kids in Africa. I don't know what I was thinking of but I sent my message to Gilly. I didn't want to be her web designer but I offered the web host and domain name. I didn't think that I will get a respone, I just want to express my impression on her work especially on herself.

And you know, I got a reply message from Gillian Anderson. Someone told me that she didn't reply by herself. But who care?? I got the reply from Gillian via email. I got an email.

Dear Neeze,

Thank you SO much for offering your services to design a web site for OTSK.  I am pleased to announce that a designer has been selected.  Many excellent proposals were submitted by generous and talented people such as yourself.  I deeply appreciate everyone's kindness and enthusiasm.  Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contribute.







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Wowww shes greaT aint she!
I love her most people wouldnt even read let Alone Answer it You Know!

TAke Care

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cry cry cry

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